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Wagner Tuning's Transverse 1.8 & 2.0 TSI Intercooler utilizes a 640mm x 410mm x 65mm core, providing larger frontal area and more capacity compared to the factory intercooler. The cast aluminum end tanks and tube and fin cores result in excellent performance while maintaining a light weight of only 18.5 pounds.

Optimized utilizing CAD software and CFD, the new competition high-speed core and cast aluminum end tanks give this intercooler excellent cooling properties. Flow analysis and simulations were created to optimize the design.

This intercooler is a great choice when it comes to performance gains, light weight, and low intake temperatures, without sacrificing too much airflow to the radiator.

Installation is simple and straightforward, and as easy as replacing the factory intercooler.


 What's Included:

1 Wagner Tuning Transverse 1.8 & 2.0 TSI Intercooler

2 Silicone Hoses

2 Hose Clamps

1 Installation Instructions

Pressure Drop Comparison vs. OEM intercooler

  • Audi A3 (8V) - 1.8 TSI & 2.0 TSI
  • Audi S3 (8V) - 2.0 TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf VII GTI - 2.0 TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf VII R - 2.0 TSI
  • Skoda Octavia (5E) - 1.8 TSI
  • Skoda Octavia RS (5E) - 2.0 TSI
  • Seat Leon (5F) - 1.8 TSI
  • Seat Leon Cupra (5F) - 2.0 TSI
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