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8V S3 ECU Tune

$1,295.00 each


Tuning for the VW Platform

Now available for all build dates

After years of testing and refinement Tarmac Engineering is pleased to offer you what we believe is the most diverse tuning package on the market for a large range of vehicles. Great drivability, increased power, torque and most importantly it’s safe, reliable and fully customizable.

More economy, more power, increased torque, it's all in the code

Key SpecTune Benefits:

  • Tuned specifically to your vehicle
  • Switch between up to 3 tunes at anytime. The Factory Tune, Valet Mode and your choice of either the Linear or Aggressive tune type
  • Swap between tunes as many times as you like
  • More power, torque and throttle response
  • Tuned to suit Australian conditions
  • Choose your preferred power delivery type

 Controller benefits:

  • Safely load files into your ECU. Complete recovery in case of a vehicle power failure
  • Easy to use touch screen control unit, use it anytime & anywhere
  • Intuitive touch screen programming makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • Multiple tunes loaded and ready to use at anytime.
  • The control unit doubles as an engine vehicle fault code checker enabling you to find any issues that may arise quickly saving time and money. You can also clear fault codes. 
  • Download software upgrades as they become available

Tune Types: 

We understand that everyone is different so we put together some options to suit everyone's needs.

Factory Tune

Switch back to the factory tune at anytime. This may be used when returning your car to the dealer for servicing

Valet Mode

This option is very popular for people that often leave there car with a 3rd party, whether it's a hotel or car cleaner. This limits the power and the vehicle cannot be taken past half of its total rpm range. Excellent safety feature.

Linear Tune

This tune is design to be super smooth. Bringing on the power smoothly is perfect for the person that is happy with the factory tune but wants a linear increase in power across the entire rpm range whilst still providing the maximum achievable power suited to your modifications.

Aggressive Tune

This is our most popular tune. This tune brings on the power as quickly as possible. Feel the rush as your turbo brings on the torque and plants you firmly into the seat. Engineered for maximum performance in the low, medium and high rpm range this tune will certainly excite you all the way to the redline.

Motorsport Tune

This tune is for motorsport use only. Please contact us for this option.

Tuned your way, Tuned for your car!


How does the ECU Tune Builder Work?

Simply use the drop down menus to select your vehicle model and any modifications that have been made to it.

Why is it important to select which modifications have been made to the vehicle?

Each tune is specifically tuned to your car, listing the modifications helps us make particular changes to certain parameters of the tune so that you're getting the maximum benefit from your modifications

What if my car is standard with no modifications?

If you have no modifications on your car or aren't sure by some of the menu options just simply leave the options as standard. Some of the best performance gains are made on a standard vehicle. 

How is the tune programmed into my Car?

You will be sent a SpecTune Controller to your nominated address. Inside the box is a special proprietary touch screen device. Simply plug it into the cars OBDII port. The software will load and take you step by step through the process. Your standard ECU (engine control unit) file is sent to us and shortly after you will receive the updated tune suited specifically to your car. A full user manual is available here

What if I make more upgrades/modifications at a later date?

If you add more modifications to your vehicle and want the tune updated to suit and to take your car to the next stage, simply login to the website and purchase our Tune Upgrade Package. You will be sent the modified file/s and it can then be loaded into the car via the SpecTune Controller.

*If the car has extensive components changed like an aftermarket turbo charger an additional fee may apply.

How long will i have to wait for my SpecTune Controller?

We will dispatch it the same day as the order and payment is received

Can i re use the SpecTune Controller on another vehicle?

Yes. If the original file is transferred back to the ECU then the SpecTune controller can be used on another vehicle.  

What if i want to change tune types?

No problems. Just plug the SpecTune Controller back into the car and use the intuitive touch screen to load one of your other tunes available that come with your purchase


Now its time to enjoy your new engineered performance!


Need more information?

Download the SpecTune Brochure and Quick Start Guide here

If your car is not listed please email us as we are updating the tuned vehicle list regularly

Please feel free to contact us with any questions

SpecTune is a tuning solution that can be used at the comfort of your home or workplace
Custom tuning software written specifically for your vehicle
244kw @ all 4 wheels Stage 2.5 tune for 8v S3 / Mk7 R now available

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Tarmac Engineering owns and sells the most powerful ECU chip tuning solution for are large variety of vehicles. We're best known for the VAG range of vehicles including VW Golf R, Golf Gti, Jetta, Tiguan, TDI, Audi S3, RS3 S1, Q3, Skoda Octavia RS and lots more. Our SpecTune can be performed in any state in Australia, Brisbane (headquarters) Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra and internationally.